Exploring tours

Zoo  Dvůr Králové The most famous, largest and the most beautiful zoo in the Czech Republic. The biggest  collection of African animals in Europe. Tropical pavilions, Bird´s  World, Water World,  Prehistoric Animal Paintings Gallery, Dinosaurs Exhibition, Excursion Train, Safari, Safari Sightseeing Bus, Night Zoo. 

Stachelberg artillery fort - from the years 1935 - 1938 in Babí near Trutnov. Fortress with exposition (drawings, plans, historical and present photographs, 3D exhibits - infantry weapons and fortifications models) and its interesting underground spaces. Exploring nature trail through the nearby bunkers. 

Sněžka - the highest mountain in the Czech Republic - an ideal starting point to Snežka is the mountain resort Pec pod Sněžkou. On top of the mountains is Poštovna, the highest post office in Bohemia, where you can send a postcard or letter with very unique stamp. Well-marked and well-connected hiking trails to Pec pod Sněžkou, to Mala Upa, Luční bouda or to Spindleruv Mlyn. 

Adršpach -Teplice Rocks - So many fascinating spots can be rarely seen elsewhere. The largest and wildest rock town of Central Europe. Hiking trails, the paradise for climbers. Sand stone lake boat trips. Sand stone town with its  towers has a unique charm all seasons long 

Mountain Resort Černá hora (hiking, biking, exploring nature) Cable car (Černohorský Express) from Janské Lázně to Černá hora. Transportationof  bikes, mountains scooters and baby-carriages. Mountain bike, scooter, bike-board and stanley-rider rental at the cable car   station. Observation tower on the top of Černá hora. Walking routes from Černá hora to Pec pod Sněžkou, Velka Upa and Horní Maršov. Biking trails. Černá hora peatbog. 

Château Ratiborice and Babiččino Valley - 2 km north of Ceska Skalice you go back two centuries into past. Discover the region of Bozena Nemcova. 

Fortress Josefov - unique defensive complex.. Underground guided tours. 

Non-traditional Museum with traditional crafts in Trutnov-Voletiny. Art and craft workshops. The museum is dedicated to traditional craft in Giant Mountains - weaving. 

Fairyland Krkonoše  - exhibition "To Krakonoš" in Svoboda nad Úpou. Opened in late 2011 for young and older visitors, wonderful fairytale kingdom full of local mythical creatures.  

Fairy-tale trail on the ridges of Giant Mountains. In Horni Mala Upa await for you ten fairy tales stops from the famous czech writer,  Marie Kubátová. Fairy tales are translated into English, German and Polish. Individual stops are located in the Upper and Lower Mala Upa and are designed to introduce young small and big visitors to the picturesque mountain village. The route is approximately 17 km long and can be divided into several smaller circles. 

Farmapark Muchomurka - located in a beautiful setting between Janske Lazne and Svoboda nad Úpou, overlooking Černá hora. Place with natural game components, the Straw Castle, swings, sandpit, monkey bars, Indian tennis, croquet, fireplace for roasting sausages, logs, grass, trees and especially the contact with animals (horses, ponies, rabbits, doves, chickens, goat, lamb, pig Máša), snack and refreshments. 

Čertův Mlýn - mill model with moving fairy tale characters driven by water 

Historical mine Kovárna in Obří důl. Visit the underground of Sněžka  a new attractive route into the heart of czech highest mountain.

Mine Bohumír - copper mine exposure in Jívka - This is a copper mine - tables are eliminated in the early 19th century, which was completely closed in 1970. Thanks to the civic association you can access the 400 m long tour of the underground route. Miners at work, original tools and much more. It's a great opportunity to show today's children how it had worked. Remarkable experience will show the geological structure of the sedimentary deposits of the beauty and secrets of the interior of our country. Underground mine is protected wintering area for bats, tours are possible every year only from 1 May to 30 September. Guided tours are held four times a day. From 9, 11, 13 and 15 hours. The underground is the constant temperature of around 10 degrees.