Podkrkonoší Museum Trutnov- attracting mainly with the exhibition ofcthe Battle of Trutnov in 1866. Exposure boasts many unique exhibits of weapons, equipment, many paintings and other historical documents thatcrelate to the single winning battle of this war. Culture Artifacts ofcthe middle class and rural life of the 17th- - 20th century shows another exhibition called "Treasures of the Past" corridor on the first floor is a collection of carved klátových hives decorated church themes. Cellars of the museum remind the complex history of the building, elements of different construction phases, from the Gothic to the 19th century .

Non-traditional Museum with traditional crafts in Trutnov-Voletiny. Art and craft workshops. The museum is dedicated to traditional craft in Giant Mountains - weaving.

Museum Merkur - Police nad Metují. Merkur - famous czech toy trains a metal construction kit factory. Established in 1920, they have become the legends of this industry. Its electric trains were popular already in the age of the First Republic. In museum, you can construct your own model or just admire unique model of for instance Steel Town (in Guiness Book), Wichterle´s Lense-machine, Hurvínek or the biggest Hedgehog in the Cage. Great fun for the small as for the big ones. In the museum you can buy current production - Construction World.

Gallery V.I.T.V.A.R. - Nová Paka. Museum of the History of Motoring of Novopacko, captures the history of the early 20th century, especially the "golden age of motoring" in the 20s and 30s. Visitors can see the written and visual material of car and motorbike races such as the famous Krakonoš circle race. There are also seen the automobile grandfathers (20 vintage cars and 40 motorcycles) and racing cars from class Historic. Museum is located at Peugeot Car Saloon in Nova Paka.

Treasury of Precious Stones - Nová Paka. Treasury of Precious Stones and exhibition of Spiritualism in the foothills of Giant Mountains are truly unique. You find here also jewelry, but mostly precious stones (agate, amethyst, jaspity, onyx, crystals ...) , remains of ferns, horsetails, club mosses, trees ... Here you can take a journey through geological evolution.

Railway Museum Výtopna - Jaromeř. More than a century old steam locomotive recalls the atmosphere of time when a steam ruled the railway. Among the exhibits you will find eight steam locomotives, the oldest dates from 1873, unique rack locomotive from 1901, which served on Tanvald - Kořenov rail, electric locomotive Ringhoffer from 1916, diesel locomotives, draisine TATRA, rail cargo, passenger cars and many other exhibits.

Čapek Brothers Museum - Malé Svatoňovice. Two exhibitions dedicated to the lives and works of famous Czech brothers.

Museum of Bozena Nemcova -Česká Skalice. The exhibition dedicated to the life and work B.Němcové

Textile Museum Tiba - Česká Skalice. Exhibitions concerning textile materials, production and refining of fabrics, cotton production traditions and history of textile printing in Eastern Bohemia.

Town Museum - Rtyně v Podkrkonoší. Ethnography - history, life and crafts in the foothills of Giant Mountains, models of historical buildings, unique collection of mining lamps, guild banners, helmets, uniforms, tools.

Town Museum - Úpice. The town's history and nature, gallery of Julie W. Mezerová

Giant Mountains Museum - Tři domky - Vrchlabí. Permanent exhibition of arts and crafts with demonstrations of Giant Mountains glass, guild cups, clocks and carved bethlehems, original furnished lounge with old loom. Exhibition of the beginnings of tourism in Giant Mountains, with original skis and sleds.

Town Museum - Žacléř. Exposition is divided into four permanent sections. Historical part presents history in 1945. Then there is the personality department and department of mining. In the last Ethnographic Department is exposed to over 250 exhibits from the everyday life of past generations, all accompanied by unique prints engraver of Erich Fuchs. Museum permanent exhibition is accompanied by thematic exhibitions.

Giant Mountains Museum - Vrchlabí. Exhibition "Stone and Life" - permanent ecological exhibition about the nature of Giant Mountains. During the tour, for example, you find yourself in a cave model or look into the old mining tunnels, you walk through a mountain stream with plants, fish and birds. Exhibition "Man and Mountains" - a permanent exhibition on the history of settlement in Giant Mountains.